Vintage Appliance
Reconditioning & Repair

Remember that when buying a vintage (used) mixer from eBay or any other source, ultimately you get what you pay for and sometimes less. When you buy a Decodan product, you are assured that it has been thoroughly checked and is ready to use...not just look at. The pictures below show both the before and after of just some of the Decodan process. Remember mixers are not the only items I work on. For other items check out my Items for Sale section or the Samples section which contains products finished for other customers.
This is a mixer bought at an estate sale showing worn paint and no decal.
This is the body of the mixer after it has been stripped and ready for paint along with your choice of an early or late Decodan Sunbeam (R) decal.
This shows the inside of the mixer and how dirty they really are with a mixture of grease and flour dust. You wouldn't believe what I've found in some of these mixers!
This is the disassembled mixer before parts are stripped and cleaned.
These are the parts after being thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned. They are now ready for reassembly.
This is an armature before being turned.
This is the finished armature. It has been turned to assure full contact between the brushes and armature.
This is the speed control for early model Sunbeams.
This is the speed control after being cleaned and polished to assure contact between secondary brushes and control.
This is a completed mixer done in "Decodan Sunbeam Cream."