Sunbeam ID

This page contains a short description and pictures of the classic models of Sunbeam Mixmaster. Production started in about 1930 and continued into the mid 60s. Hopefully this may help in identifying the Mixmaster you are trying to buy, sell or collect. If you are interested in purchasing a Mixmaster you can contact me at
Sunbeam Model M4B

This style Mixmaster (M4) also known as A, B, C, F and H was the first one sold to the public by then Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. in about 1931. Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. was probably making changes very fast during the production of these mixers trying to beat other company's innovations. This mixer was cast iron and very heavy for its size and power (60 watts).

Manufactured prior to May 1931.

I did come across a Sunbeam M4 with no letter designation which appears to be the very first Home Mixer by Chicago Flexible Shaft Co. It now has a great home in Connecticut with my friend Ed H.
Sunbeam Model M4C

The motor was not yet removable for hand use and the speed control was on the base. I acquired this mixer from a long time Sunbeam Repair Shop. It appears to have never been used. They put a 50s decal on for display in their store. This mixer had no decal originally. It was made of cast iron, the later ones were pot metal.

Manufacture Date:
M4C - May 1931 to Oct. 1931
Sunbeam Model M4F

The decal was on top of the motor housing. These mixers packed a whopping 60 watts of power. The juicer bowl screwed to the mixer head on models up to the M4F. Starting with the M4H the juicer mount was a taper mount on top of the mixer motor.

Manufacture Date:
M4F - Nov.1931 to March 15, 1932
Sunbeam Model M4H

Sunbeam Model M4H One of the variations of the M4 Mixmaster. The difference on this model is that the front ID plate screwed on with 2 screws instead of 4 and the juicer bowl sits on the tapered mount. These came standard with the oil dropper for making mayonnaise. Also came with pulp screen on juicer bowl. Many attachments are also offered. Still no handle .

Manufacture Date:
M4H - May 20,1932 to Aug 15,1932
Sunbeam Model M4J

3 Speed Version sold in about 1933. This was the first Mixmaster with a handle for portable use. The speed control also moved to the rear of the motor housing. Decal moved to the side of the motor. Note the vents at rear to help cool the resistor, earlier models had resistor in base. Still 60 watts of power.

Manufacture Date:
Model J - Sept. 9, 1932 to May 20, 1933
Model K - June 1, 1933 to May 1, 1935
Sunbeam "TOY" Mixmaster (pictured here) and the original Sunbeam Mixmaster Jr. (pictured below).

This was a one speed toy version of the three speed Model 1 Mixmaster shown above. These were not salesman samples but scaled down versions sold as toys for children. They boasted 25 watts of power and came with beaters, 2 mixing bowls, mayonnaise bowl (juicer), spout and oil dropper. The instructions say that no reamer is supplied because there is not enough power for that. It is hard to tell the size of this mixer by the picture so check the picture below to see it compared to a Sunbeam Model 1.

I now have all three pieces of glass for this mixer thanks to "Mixernuts" . Thanks Pete & Karen.
Sunbeam Model 1 - First 10 Speed Mixmaster shown with 6 inch Jadeite bowl.
Sunbeam Mixmaster Jr. - The original Jr. Mixmaster also known as the "Toy Mixmaster" with its 4 inch Jadeite bowl.

It was a 25 watt, 110 volt working model. The little girl of the house could mix right along with Mom.

I don't think product liability was a problem back then and we know OSHA was not around yet.

Now you can get an idea of the size comparison. The "TOY" was 9 inches tall.
Sunbeam Model 1

This was a big improvement model. Features 10 speed motor with 120 watts of power. The motor had a fan added along with vents in the front of motor housing to help with cooling. The beaters also were enlarged. Mixmaster was taking its place in the American home.

Manufacture Date:
Beginning May 16, 1935
Sunbeam Model 3

Sold in about 1936 this model made more improvements in style and function. Art Deco styling apparent in the new front grill with vertical lines and chrome accents. First model to add bakelite handle and tear drop design to base. Available in Model A or B, which indicated the bowl and mixer color, either jadeite bowls with cream mixer (3A) or white bowls with black and white mixer (3B).

Manufacture Date:
Beginning August 6, 1936
3A - November 2, 1936
3B - February 24, 1937
Sunbeam Model 5

The Mixmaster gets a new look. Along with Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz 1939 brings new styling to the Mixmaster. Horizontal vents in the front grill and a full cap speed control. Available in black and white with white bowls (5B) or cream with jadeite bowls (5A). This model is the last with chrome tips where the beaters are inserted. There is also a model with a chrome bowl turntable.

Manufacture Date:
Beginning August 1939
Sunbeam Model 7

This model is first with the beater ejector. A simple twist of the handle and out come the beaters. The tips are now painted. This model came out in April of 1941. Production stopped during WWII and started again in 1946. The company also changes its name to The Sunbeam Corporation during the Model 7 production run. The model designations of 7A and 7B are still used to determine color variations. The 7's had the largest production of all the Sunbeams, over 3,000,000.

Manufacture Date:
Beginning April 1941
Sunbeam Model 9

This model appeared in August of 1948. Some of the new features include a plastic tip on one of the beaters to help turn the bowl. Also the decal changes during the model 9 production run. Early model 9s have the early style decal and the later ones have decals like in the picture.

Also the strainer for juice pulp moves to the inside of the juicer bowl.
Sunbeam Model 10

The model 10 came out in 1950 and was the first Mixmaster with fins along with a new front grill. The base also is changed to bakelite and features an adjustment lever for moving the bowl platter depending on bowl size. The bowls also change in design. The bowls for model 9 and earlier will NOT work with model 10 and later. Jadeite is not available with this mixer.

Very late in the production run some chrome proto-types were produced. (late 1954)
Sunbeam Model 11

This Mixmaster had a very short production run, 1955 & 1956. First full production run of Chrome version. It was available in Chrome, White, Yellow, Pink and Turquoise. There was also a darker blue available but I'm not sure what year that color came in. Front grill changed to round vent from previous horizontal type.
Sunbeam Model 12

This Mixmaster was made between 1957 and 1967. Features first 12 speed mixer, actually it runs the same speed as the Model11, Sunbeam changed the speed dial to show 12 different settings. New style decals. Last of the classic model Sunbeam Mixmaster. It was available in Chrome, White, Yellow, Pink and Turquoise.