Our 1882 Place
Frohna, MO

We bought this place with a dream in mind.
We could make it into our home and maybe run a small business from it also.
Of course the fact that
Micky, Courtney, Harrison and Will are 15 minutes away doesn't hurt.

The building was built in 1882.  It has served as a Winery where 360 gallon barrels of wine were stored in the limestone basement.  When Prohibition came along the winery was closed but was allowed to sell off the remaining stock as Communion Wine.  It has also been a General Merchandise Store.  In 1954 it became The Bowling Alley when 4 bowling lanes were installed.  (They still remain but are hidden under rows of tables covered with Antiques.)  In the 1970s the basement floor was finished with concrete and dances were held in what was known locally as "The Wine Cellar".  It now houses an Antique Shop.

Every time we tell someone we have bought the building, we get asked when is the Bowling Alley going to open or when is the first dance going to be.  Well our plans are to live in one of the apartments upstairs while turning the top floor into a "Loft" style home.  Dot will have her dream "Art Studio" and I will have my office upstairs also.  Sorry to say there will be no dances in the basement since it will become my shop and storage area.  This will make the upstairs construction go much smoother having this great work space.  The first floor will remain as is for quite some time since our efforts will be concentrated upstairs for now.

Who knows???  Maybe a bowling match or two could be possible.  We'll just have to wait and see.

I will try to keep this site updated as we progress.  You can check back any time.

For now we will be cleaning out and tearing out and throwing away as we try to get it ready for the remodel.

Frohna, MO
Population 192, soon to be 194
"The Bowling Alley" Our Location is at the intersection of
State Rt. A and C
That is Dot's studio in the upper 4 windows to the left and my office in the right 2. The front of the building is cast iron.  We plan to return it to the original look. Southwest corner of building.
Original owner's name and date of construction. Original Advertising Basement entrance, 2 ft. thick lime stone walls.
> >
Bowling Lanes Pin Setters Basement
  Rear of Building