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I am not taking any new work at this time.

I started a "new" project a couple of years ago thinking it would be just a few years work. Well it has become quite a large project and will take far longer than expected. Therefore, it will be several years before I am back into the mixer restoration business. If you would like to see what I am working on


We are also expanding our other business, EstateSales.NET, to cover a wider range of sale types. We changed our business name to Vintage Software and have a couple of new websites that are due to be released very shortly or have already been released in a limited version. The new sites under the umbrella of are:


Decal Inquiries - Please Note: I do not sell decals.

I cannot supply the Decodan Sunbeam(R) decals. The Sunbeam(R) legal department says that there can be no trading of their logo. I can recondition a mixer with one of my Decodan Sunbeam(R) decals and sell the mixer which is not trading directly with their logo, but I cannot sell them individually. I hope you understand. Thanks, Dan.