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Reconditioned Sunbeam Model 5 with Potato/Apple Peeler in action.

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This page contains a short description and pictures of the classic attachments made for the Sunbeam Mixmaster. Production started in about 1930 and continued into the mid 60s. Hopefully this may help in identifying the Mixmaster Attachment you are trying to buy, sell or collect. If you are interested in purchasing a Mixmaster you can contact me at
This column contains pictures of the labor saving Sunbeam Attachments. The last picture in the column shows the Potato Peeler in action. Look at all the others first and give the Peeler time to load. This column contains line diagrams of the attachments.

Manufacture dates are under each attachment.
Front page from the Model 5 Owners Booklet showing all the attachments except the blender attachment which came later.
Sunbeam Model M4F with the standard equipment. This included: Large Mixing Bowl, Small Mixing Bowl, Two Beaters, Juicer Bowl with Reamer and spout and Oil Dropper Tube.
*A strainer was added later

Date of Manufacture: November 1931 to March 15, 1932
Sunbeam Food Grinder Attachment mounted on Power Take Off unit. This unit was used on many of the attachments.

Manufacture Dates: Ivory Finish -
May 1, 1933 to August 8, 1937
Early Aluminum Finish - August 8, 1937
Late Aluminum Finish - Introduced with Model 10 Mixmaster
Sunbeam Can Opener attachment, also mounted on PTO.

Manufacture Date: July 1, 1932 to December 15, 1933
Later Models were stamped C-1 and C-2
Sunbeam Mixmaster Butter Churn Attachment.

Manufacture Date: Beginning June 15, 1940
Sunbeam Silver Polisher attachment

This snapped into the beater drive for doing the silverware.

Came with a small stick of polishing rouge.
Sunbeam Malt Mixer attachment. There were at least two different size glasses offered during the life of this attachment.

Manufacture Dates: No Model # before August 1, 1934
Model 2 - August 1, 1934 to June 13, 1935
Model 3 - Beginning June 13, 1935 (pictured)
Sunbeam Potato/Apple Peeler attachment. Was driven by beater drive. Had its own internal gearing.

Manufacture Date: Beginning May 12,1933

See this attachment in operation at the top of this page...

Sunbeam Coffee Grinder attachment. This had adjustable burrs for different grinds of coffee. It used the PTO type drive.

Manufacture Date: Beginning June 8, 1933
Sunbeam Knife Sharpener attachment. This used the beater drive and had its own gearing.

Manufacture Dates:
Model KS - Ivory Finish, PTO drive...Sept. 1, 1932 to May 1, 1937
Model KS2 - Aluminum Finish...Beginning November 19, 1937 (pictured)
Sunbeam Colander attachment. This was also driven by a PTO unit. It had different sizes screens.
Sunbeam Pea Sheller attachment. Used PTO unit as drive. Used to shell dry peas and beans.

Manufacture Dates:
Model PS - PTO Drive...August 6, 1934 to May 1, 1937 (pictured)
Model PS1 - Beater Shaft Drive... Beginning September 13, 1937
Sunbeam Slicer/Shredder attachment. There was also a disc available for grinding ice. Had its own drive system with built in safety, when door was opened the drive would not turn.

Manufacture Date: Beginning May 3, 1934
Sunbeam Ice Cream Freezer attachment. This attachment was offered through the Model 9. The Mixmaster made the job of cranking the ice cream freezer a thing of the past. No more taking turns cranking the handle, now, everyone could just watch.

Manufacture Date: Beginning August 18, 1933
Sunbeam Bean Slicer Attachment shown with Melinda's Model 9 (late version) Mixmaster ...I finally have the Sunbeam Mixmaster Attachment collection complete, thank you Melinda.

Manufacture Date: September 9, 1937
Some of the different types of PTOs and Food Grinders.
Manufacture Dates:
Food Grinder Model 3 - May 15, 1933 to September 27, 1934
Food Grinder Model 4 - September 27, 1934 to September 24, 1935
Food Grinder Model 5 - Beginning September 24, 1935
Some of the different types of strainers, spouts, and reamers.
Sunbeam Blender attachment. These were driven by the beater drives and had their own gearbox.

Note: There were drives for early and late model mixers. The mounting holes were different on early models (1-9) and late models (10 to 12).

Pictured on Model 10C