Purchased 10-14-00

This auto was bought over the internet. I drove from Memphis, TN to Cleveland, OH for a planned vacation. While there I took a day to drive to Detroit to look this car over. Decided to buy it and towed it back to Cleveland and then on to Memphis. When purchased this was an older restoration. The interior was presentable, body straight but in need of paint. The engine had been rebuilt and 6 cylinder speed equipment added. The original intake and exhaust manifolds had been replaced with Fenton Headers and Clifford Intake with a Carter 4 Bbl. The rear end had been replaced with a 1969 Camaro 308 Posi. A drive line was made to mate the TorqueTube to the open rear. The wheels were Chevy S10 with 225s on back and 215s on the front. My plan is to replace the 6 with a GM crate 350 and the 3 speed on the tree with a 700R4 automatic with Lokar linkage. Convert the 6 volt system to 12. Replace the vacuum windshield wipers with electric. Install disc brakes on the front end. Change to a power master cylinder. Try to locate a power steering gearbox. Install VintageAir air conditioning. After it is to the point of being a dependable daily driver, both in town and on the freeway, I will start on the body and paint. I plan to change the gauges to a custom gauge cluster but keeping the original speedo and dash shape. I am thinking about taking the bench seat out and replacing it with Suburban power seats.

These pictures will be the before and after pictures. Click on the thumbnail picture for a larger view. It may be a few weeks before there are any after shots.

Which do you like best toothless or a mouth full of teeth.

6 cylinder with speed equipment

Firewall where heater and fresh air duct will be removed for A/C

Old radiator


Crate 350 set in place

Firewall with aluminum plates covering all the old holes from heater, hoses and ducts.

New Radiator w/AC condenser & transmission cooler

Right side motor mount

Right header in place

1/8" rubber laid over 16 gauge metal plate to seal transmission hole.

Left side motor mount

Left header in place

New Lokar shift linkage installed

Empty trans tunnel

Rear trans mount using original K member

E-brake linkage before being reversed to use Lokar E-brake linkage.


AC unit mounted behind dash, all that is exposed is the floor vents and drain.

AC vent cut-out and wiring harness started.

Stripped dash and old steering column.

New billet aluminum dash insert after being jeweled.

Dash insert after speedo and gauges are fitted.

Dash sanded and ready for paint.

Empty engine compartment

New wiring harness coming into engine compartment

Air cleaner after painting flame job on 1957 Caddy air cleaner.

New 350 small block before new radiator is set in place

Bulkhead connector for A/C hoses

Master cylinder before change to Power master


New power master cylinder installed and new lines run.

New disc brake conversion installed.


Engine compartment showing A/C lines through bulkhead.

New wheels and tires, Crager StarWire and 225/60  T/A radials.

New wheels and tires, Crager StarWire and 225/60  T/A radials.

Finished dash and Banjo steering wheel.

Dash, seats and tilt steering column.

Suburban leather bucket seats.

Interior of rear area of Sedan Delivery.

Dash showing gauges and VintageAir controls, also added switches.

Front interior finished with new carpet in place.

Aluminum fan shroud I made to try to get the cooling problem fixed.  Used two 11 inch fans and then put in rubber flaps to let air flow at high speeds on highway.  This helps prevent an air dam effect.

Here it is mounted in place


These are custom made tail-lights.  I took 1953 Chevy tail-lights and bored the center out to accept the lens from a 1959 Cadillac.  I am still trying to make up my mind on whether to keep these or go back to the regular 54 tail-lights.

December 30, 2000

Hey, Well as of today, things are going slower than expected. It has been bitterly cold this past few weeks and work has slowed. I had originally planned to finish this project early in the year 2001. Now it looks like it will be spring. At least all the parts have been bought or ordered.

Here is what has been accomplished------

The heavy work of the engine, transmission and driveline replacement have been completed. The engine has been test run with a hot wire. The exhaust system has been hooked up. The new Walker radiator has been installed. This work was done by a very good specialty shop here in Memphis, TN..

Garvin at the The Rod Shop - 901-385-6895

The Zoops A/C and Alternator brackets have been installed. The firewall has had two 1/4 inch aluminum plates added to clean up the appearance. A bulkhead plate was also added behind the grille to clean up the hoses from the condenser to engine compartment.

I have taken out the bench seat and started work on the inside also. I stripped the dash and all wiring out. The holes for the A/C vents have been cut into the dash. Also the instrument cluster has been removed and a new instrument panel designed. It will use the original speedo but then have five new gauges added. I have used a 1/4 inch aluminum plate that I jeweled. Waiting for new gauges to arrive before cutting holes.

I still have to run the A/C and heater lines. I have to rerun the transmission cooling lines for better appearance. Install the water pump pulley and belts. Add the windshield washer tank and pump.

The new Rain Gear electric windshield wiper system has been installed. The Vintage Air air-conditioning unit has been installed behind the dash. A Haywire wiring system has been started.

I found a set of blue leather Suburban bucket seats that are in the back of the car waiting for me to make new mounting brackets. I have ordered a new tilt aluminum steering column that is suppose to be a bolt in for a 1954 Chevy. The new power master cylinder and front disc brakes are sitting in the living room waiting along with a set of Tru-Spoke wire wheels.

I have a 1957 Caddy or Olds air cleaner that I intend to do a custom flame job on. Got screwed by an eBay seller on one, if you want to know who not to deal with, contact me and I'll tell you.

All I need now is temperatures above freezing to get some work done. Then I can sell my '90 Suburban 2500 with 454....Interested???

March 17, 2001

Well, it has been a while since I have added to the page. I have put 100 miles on the car. The interior is getting close to finished. The new wheels and tires have been installed. I had to put electric cooling fans on because the small (13") flex fan was not going to cut it.

All that is left for this part of the project is the charging of the A/C which has to wait until warmer weather, and installing the new disc brakes and power master. And, of course the stereo system. I will probably install that in the console I have to build. When I get that done I will move the extra switch bank to the console also. That will keep the dash looking clean.

With the 3.08 rear end and the 700r4 transmission coupled to the 350, this little thing will move on out. I have to get the speedometer calibrated to the new tire size. Right now going down the road in overdrive at about 60 mph the engine is turning about 1800 rpm.

Next part of the project will be the body and paint----After I drive it for a while. Maybe next year.

Dan's '54 Delivery


Build specifications:

Drive Train:

350 c.i. crate motor
700r4 transmission
10 bolt posi rear end.

1995 Corvette radar blue
2003 Lexus pearl white
House of Kolor:
silver & blue shimmering pearl
Glasurit 455 Klear H.S.
Top ghost flames and bottom
white flames are white pearl
with ice blue pearl added

Body Modifications:
Gas door clip,Frenched antenna,
Grill teeth,
Shaved, nosed and louvered hood


Vintage Air,
power driver's seat,
Kenwood stereo,
Vintage Air-rear air,
4 wheel power disc brakes,
rack & pinion steering,
power antenna,
electric cooling fans,
electric wipers, tilt steering.